B'zar 2009 STDi

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After many years, Hulstaert Werner brings out his own kite: The B'zar 2009. The design of the kite is studied down to the smallest detail and extensively tested.

The result is a gem for you to say "Waw!". Pilots will have very precise control when flying this kite, either precision or tricks. To put it short, this kite is for each pilot a real winner!

Fortunately, Werner decided to make this kite available to all DIY kitebuilders. To have the plans presented in a correct way and therefore to be build in the best possible circumstances, he called on the experience of Tom Degryse (from Tom's Kite Site)

After one year of flying at competitions and meetings a few details are altered, to enable the flight behavior to come slightly closer to the needs of the competition pilots. However, this was done without losing the flat rotations (which was no easy job). Therefore we call this model from now on the "2009 STDi". The small i stands for "improved". The changes are incorporated into the plans and dimensions. The best flight behavior is obtained with the tri-axis bridle, and a little more relaxed flight behavior comes with the turbo bridle.


As the name suggests, there are some oddities to be found ...

1. The construction of the kite has taking into account the structure of the Icarex and Mylar, to keep the tension of the sail as tight as possible.

2. Every seam of the kite was given thougth. The flight behavior of the kite was analyzed in detail and approved. The direction of the structure of the Mylar and Icarex are marked on the plans, so you can easily find the correct position and direction of the moulds when cutting the sail parts.

3.The wing tips were provided with a piece of Mylar that is visible from the front of the kite. This makes the tips of the kite aggravated (better rotations) and to obtain a shiny effect on the kite flying.
4. In the wing tips there are battens between leading and trailing Edges inserted, to keep tension on the sail during all flight positions. The battens (2mm fiber), are stitched blind behind a piece of dacron of 25mm wide

5. Before sewing the leading Edges, the Leech Line is inserted in the trailing edge and glued to the wingtip. After the sewing of the leading edge the Leech line can not come loose.

6. The nose of the B'zar, unlike many other kites, is made round, which keeps the form of the sail nice and clean in the top part. This also allows to fly tighter straight corners
7. The stand-offs of the B'zar are crossed and are higher than the Lower spreaders. What you obtain is the bisector of three corners. This bizar idea allows the pilot to change the shape of the sail in a balanced way from a more precision-oriented to a freestyle setting, without the need to have your stand offs to be dismantled. Just sliding the apa-connectors will do the trick.


Span width 2320 mm
Heigth 980 mm
Weight 331 grams
Leading edges P 300
Upper spreader carbon 6mm
Lower spreaders Icone white
Spine 5PT
Stand-offs carbon 3mm
Battens fiber 2mm
Tail weight 15 to 25 grams

Colorizer - Plans - Structure - Bridle:

Colorizer: Click on the image to start the colorizer. The chequered planes are for Mylar.


Plans: The building plans are available in PDF and DXF format.


  PDF- formaat


DXF- formaat

Structure: These are the dimensions of the spars and the distance between the various components (click to enlarge)   Bridle: Here are the measurements of the tri-axis bridle. This makes the kite a bit sharper to fly and go quickly from one trick to the next. Not necessarily suitable for novice pilots, more advanced.(click to enlarge)
Alternative bridle: This will give the kite a little more room to do tricks and succeed, it is a little more forgiving. The general feeling is that whit this bridle the kite feels more 'at ease' and gives you more time for some tricks to work. You better make the Upper Leg adjustable, with less wind you may possibly shorten to 53 and 52 cm. The weight in the tail can be changed according to the wind as well: from 15 to 25 grams. (click to enlarge)  

Here are some pictures of B'zars: Picture page

If you have questions or something to tell us, we have a forum for that: Forum

For some of you it's impossible to build your own B'zar, for whatever reason. We understand that, that is why we set up some form of "build service". If you want a sail only, or a complete kite, send an e-mail to: nilsdelacourt@gmail.com
You can make arrangements with Nils about what you want, how and when.... :-) .