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The UL is an addition to the standard kite we published in December 2008. The construction of the kite has taking into account the structure of the Icarex and Mylar, to keep the tension of the sail as tight as possible


1. Every seam of the kite was given thougth. The flight behavior of the kite was analyzed in detail and approved. The direction of the structure of the Mylar and Icarex are marked on the plans, so you can easily find the correct position and direction of the moulds when cutting the sail parts.

2. The wing tips were provided with a piece of Mylar that is visible from the front of the kite. This makes the tips of the kite aggravated (better rotations) and to obtain a shiny effect on the kite flying.

3. In the wing tips there are winglets, made by inserting a batten between leading and trailing Edges, to keep tension on the sail during all flight positions. The battens (2mm fiber), are stitched blind behind a piece of dacron of 25mm wide

Differences with the standard versions:

klm 1. The nose is made sharper. The inner part is stitched closed at 10mm from the top, so the spine can not slide all the way to the top. In doing so, we create a hollow nose to get a better sliding of the wind across the nose.
2. The standoffs don't cross but are set against eachother at the Lower Spreader.



Wingspan 2300mm
Heigth 930mm
Weigth 272 gram
Leading edges Skyshark P200
Upper spreader carbon 5mm
Lower spreaders Skyshark 3PT
Spine Icone white
Stand-offs carbon 3mm
Battens glass fiber 2mm
Tail weight 8 to 15 grams

Colorizer - Plans - Structure - Bridle:

Colorizer: Click on the image to start the colorizer. The chequered planes are for Mylar.

Plans: The building plans are available in PDF and DXF format.


  PDF- formaat


DXF- formaat

Structure: These are the dimensions of the spars and the distance between the various components (click to enlarge)   Bridle: These are the dimensions of the bridle components (click to enlarge)

Here are some pictures of B'zars: picture page

EXTRA SERVICE: For some of you it's impossible to build your own B'zar, for whatever reason. We understand that, that is why we set up some form of "build service". If you want a sail only, or a complete kite, send an e-mail to: nilsdelacourt@gmail.com
You can make arrangements with Nils about what you want, how and when.... :-) .

EXTRA INFO: If you have some questions or things to say to us, we have a forum for that: Forum